Les U14 vice-champions de Belgique, dernier match atypique!

On le savait depuis quelques semaines, et les victoires par forfait contre Antwerp Phantoms (patinoire fermée) et Leuven B (manque de joueurs), mais avec le dernier match de la saison, c’est maintenant officiel : les U14 terminent le championnat de Belgique à la seconde place, à deux points du champion, Cold Play Sharks Mechelen. Continue reading “Les U14 vice-champions de Belgique, dernier match atypique!”

Excellent start of the U14 season

Four games and four wins for the U14 Bulldogs, a great start to the season punctuated by a win on Saturday night, traveling to Team A Leuven, a score 3-14 without appeal.

After a difficult 2017-2018 season following a very small squad that forced us to play regularly some U12 players, this season had to be stronger. The ambition is there: to do better than last year (a 7th place) certainly, but also to do better than what Liège typically does in U14 (7th in 2014, 6th in 2015, 5th in 2016, 9th and 10th in 2017 , 5th and 7th in 2018).

The season is still very young, but in any case it starts very well. Victory 0-9 at Team B Leuven, then 8-1 victory against defending champion Charleroi Red Roosters. The next trip to Turnhout was feared by some parents due to the bad mood last season, but the trap was easily avoided: 1-6.

Last weekend’s away match in Leuven, against Team A, was supposed to be the toughest so far, but even though Leuven scored three times, we found the net fourteen times, transforming this match partly fun with multiplication of different scorers: Arthur and Louis C scoring their first goal in competition.

The biggest mistake would obviously be to suffer an excess of confidence, the staff remains very vigilant.

Saturday, return to Liège after two trips to welcome Gullegem, club whose results are improving from year to year, and which certainly will not be underestimated.

U14 2018-2019

goalie: Tom Piron
Defenders: Joshua Blairon (C), Francois Dalem (C), Tito La Licata, Viktor Ruth
Attackers: Louis Close, Ugo Courtois, Arthur Denys-Perin, Edward Fairon, Nathan Galere, Sacha Gedik, Hamilton Guldentops, Mehdi Karimallah, Damien Lemaire, Maxence Marneffe, Damien Pecriaux, Louis Raimarckers (C), Roman Tyan.
coach: Nicolas Raimarckers
TM: Denis Blairon